Raquette River

The Upper Raquette River has good bass fishing and fair angling for pike and walleye, but this 17-mile stretch receives minimal pressure because access is limited and strong rapids are common. The Upper Impoundments comprise the next 27 miles of river, and fishing information for these eight reservoirs can be found on pages xx of this guide. The middle and lower portions of the Raquette River flow for nearly 50 miles from Colton to the St. Regis Indian Reservation. Long river stretches, numerous dams, and several reservoirs characterize the middle stretch of river while the lower stretch offers 15 miles of gentle, uninterrupted flow. The final 5.6 miles flow through the reservation before emptying into the St. Lawrence River, and permission must be gained from the Indians before fishing their water.

THE RAQUETTE IS A SMALLMOUTH RIVER, BUT WALLEYES, NORTHERN PIKE, AND PANFISH ARE ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE SYSTEM. Muskellunge are present in the lower river. A free DEC brochure, “The Raquette River,” provides detailed information on this river system.

Fishing Seasons

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