Discover St. Lawrence County

I’m planning a fishing trip to St. Lawrence County. What are my options for lodging?

St. Lawrence County is about the same size as the state of Delaware, so it really depends on where you plan to fish. There are a lot of options around the County, including national hotel chains, Bed & Breakfasts, camping, motels that cater specifically to those that come to fish – even a castle located on one of the 1000 Islands. Click here for Places to Stay that are right for you.

Are there other outdoor activities in the area that my family would enjoy? 

Absolutely! St. Lawrence County is an amazing place to visit (and live) for people who love the outdoors. Just a couple of ideas to feed your need for fun and fresh air:

This is exactly the kind of place I’d love to live. Can you help connect me to available housing, jobs or a business opportunity?  

We get that a lot. From your rural respite in STLC, you can live the dream of every outdoor enthusiast – with the St. Lawrence River to our north, the Adirondack Mountains to our south, and a lot of lush countryside and small communities in between. Should you ever feel the need for city amenities, we are an easy drive to Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

For current job openings, click here.  
For business opportunities, reach out to the St. Lawrence County IDA to share your interests.

And, for a listing of realtors, click here.  They can help you with your purchase or long-term stay rentals.