The largest trout flows in St. Lawrence County include the St. Regis River, the West Branch of the St. Regis River, the upper Oswegatchie River and the upper Grasse River.  These rivers boast a variety of water types from gentle runs, flats and shallow riffles to plunge pools and heavy pocket water.  Although some sections of these waters are generously stocked with various trout species, native brook trout can be found in more secluded areas while wild browns and rainbows test anglers’ abilities throughout the cold-water sections of these rivers.  ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY HAS OVER 30 MILES OF CATCH-AND-RELEASE FISHING AREAS, primarily in trout streams and rivers that hold native brook trout and wild brown trout.

In addition to the larger flows, there are numerous smaller creeks and streams that afford the trout angler a variety of trout fishing experiences.  Some of the more notable county trout streams include Cold Brook, Plumb Brook, Little River, Trout Brook and the Jordan River.  These smaller streams generally have areas where native brook trout, as well as wild and stocked brown trout, can be pursued.

Other catch-and release trout flows in St. Lawrence County include Cold Brook which flows parallel to County Route 56 near South Colton, the Jordan River from Carry Falls Reservoir upstream to the Franklin County line, the South Branch of the Grasse River from ½ mile downstream of the Route 3 Bridge, upstream to the Grasse River Flow and the Lake George Road, and again in the Town of Claire upstream to Twin Ponds Outlet. Other South Branch of the Grasse River trout water can be found at the Donnerville Road, the bridge in Russell, the Lamson’s Falls trail and the canoe launch; both off County Route 27, and the DeGrasse State Forest.  In addition to the special year-round trout fishing regulation on the St. Regis River, the trout-fishing season is also extended from April 1st to November 30th on the Little River in the towns of Clinton and Fine as well as the Oswegatchie River from Cranberry Lake Outlet downriver. 

Other general regulation trout flows include Plumb Brook, which can be accessed at Silver Hill State Forest and Whippoorwill Corner State Forest, both of which can be found off County Route 17 between DeGrasse and Russell; Trout Brook, which can be accessed from Route 11B between Potsdam and Hopkinton, and downriver at the Sullivan Road Bridge, and Hopkinton Brook which can be accessed off from Route 11B in Hopkinton as well as upstream on the Lake Ozonia Road.  All of these general regulations streams hold brown trout and an occasional brook trout can be found in the occasional spring hole.


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