Stark Falls

STARK FALLS COVERS NEARLY 600 ACRES, AND THIS RESERVOIR IS THE MOST POPULAR WALLEYE DESTINATION OF THE UPPER IMPOUNDMENTS.  Stark has minimal development along the northeast shoreline, and, for the most part, a shoreline of cedar, poplar, pine, and hardwoods will greet anglers.  The most popular and productive area for walleyes is just below the dam at the reservoir’s south end.  Deep holes, strong currents, humps, boulders, and shoreline dropoffs attract walleyes to this area.  Other walleye-holding habitat throughout Stark includes points, shoreline dropoffs, flats, and off-shore humps.  Casting a bucktail jig or plain jig with a twister tail is the favored technique.  Tipping the jig with a piece of crawler will improve the catch rate.  Though less popular, trolling minnow plugs or spinner and worm rigs works well here.  No matter what technique a walleye angler uses, he is likely to catch a variety of species including perch, smallmouths, rock bass, and fallfish.  When targeting smallmouth bass, anglers should concentrate their efforts along dropoffs.  Stark Falls has been stocked with tiger muskies since 1997, and, like Carry Falls, the majority of muskie and pike catches occur incidentally by anglers pursuing walleyes.  Boaters will find developed public access at the north end and undeveloped access at the south end of the reservoir which experiences minimal fluctuation in water levels.

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