Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls, like Blake Falls, covers over 700 acres and extends for four miles.  This reservoir has significant development along the south shore, but the north shore, which offers better fishing, is almost entirely wooded.  DESPITE GOOD POPULATIONS OF WALLEYES, SMALLMOUTHS, NORTHERN PIKE, AND YELLOW PERCH, RAINBOW SEES RELATIVELY LIGHT ANGLING PRESSURE.  To locate walleyes, check out traditional features such as points, shoreline breaks, deep holes, shoals, and necked-down areas.  Work the point just northwest of Campbell Island, the deep water around the rock piles where the unnamed creek enters, and the upper end where the reservoir narrows and makes a 90-degree turn.  When looking for smallmouth bass, check out the points, rocky shorelines, boulders in mid-reservoir, and the narrow, upper reaches.  Rainbow has fairly extensive weed growth, a feature that attracts northern pike and yellow perch.  Anglers will find pike in all of the bays and in the vicinity of the numerous weedbeds.  Look for perch in the deeper water adjacent to weedbeds and shallow flats.  Public access to Rainbow is gained at a concrete ramp in the reservoir’s western end.

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