Plan Your Trip

We know there are so many things that are factored in when planning your next fishing adventure.


Everything from deciding what kind of water you want to fish in to what types of lures you'll need to use to catch that fish species you enjoy catching.

Important questions must be answered...

Where can I fish?

The St. Lawrence River Valley has plenty of local communities each with its own variety of water to choose from. Depending on your desires, you can fish one body of water all day long or fish along multiple waterways - on the same day! Imagine beginning your day fishing along a from large rivers or lakes and ending your day at a small pond or stream. The St. Lawrence River Valley offers many beautiful locations to fish from. If it's fishing along the St. Lawrence River you want , we have several towns to access it from. If you want to fish for a particular fish species, we can direct you to several local towns along key bodies of water to fish them in. For details on locations that would welcome your visit, see Places to Fish.

What kind of fish can I catch?

Take your pick. Do you want to catch huge monsters like muskie or carp? How about a fighting fish like our Northern Pike? Or is it a trophy Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass you're after? Whether you're looking to do sport fishing or want the fantastic challenge of fly-fishing for a beautiful Rainbow Trout, we've got a large variety of fish to choose from. From big...Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass to a variety of ... No matter which fish species is your favorite, fishing our waters for them is a rewarding experience. See Fish Species for details.

Do I need a fishing license and if so, how much does it cost and where can I get one?

Yes. Almost everyone 16 and over must have a New York State fishing license to fish in our waters. See Fees and Regulations for complete details.

Can I get supplies there?

Yes. We have several local vendors where you can get bait and fishing rods, etc. See Where to Get Supplies for a complete list.

Are there guides available to show me the best spots to fish for my favorite species?

Yes. We have experienced, knowledgeable guides that are absolutely wonderful and all have their own sweet spots or honey holes they'd love to show you. See Guided Fishing Trips for complete details on what to expect and who to contact.

What time of year can I catch fish?

 You can fish every season!
  • Winter

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

We've Got It All!


Where can I stay during my visit?

Here in the St. Lawrence River Valley we have a variety of well known hotels/motels and quite a few locally owned Inns and Bed & Breakfasts to rest at after a long day on the water. We also have several campgrounds where you can setup your trailer or pitch a tent! See Where to Stay for a listing of possible accommodations.

What is there to eat - in addition to fish?

We have everything from major fast food establishments to locally owned restaurants and diners to feed you during your visit. We also have local convenient stores where you can grab a bite to eat. Or if you prefer to get your own sandwich supplies, there are several grocery stores within our local communities. See Where to Eat for a list of ammenities.


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