Massawepie Lake

Massawepie Lake is essentially trout water, but anglers should not overlook the warmwater fishing on these lakes. Massawepie Lake has a healthy population of big bronzebacks. Look for fish along weededges, shoreline cover, tributary mouths, and rocky areas.

Over the years, Massawepie Lake has been stocked with various species including lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and landlocked salmon.  This 437-acre lake falls under the Massawepie Conservation Easement, and certain restrictions apply.  For example, the use of baitfish is prohibited, and the lake is closed to the public from June 15 through August 31 so that the area may be used for Boy Scout Camp.  Trout fishers concentrate their efforts on the lake’s numerous points, shoreline dropoffs, and two tributary mouths.  Cartop access is available from two points along the Massawepie Road.

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