Five Ponds Wilderness Area

BORDERING THE SOUTHERN PORTION OF CRANBERRY LAKE, THE 107,230-ACRE FIVE PONDS WILDERNESS ARE IS HOME TO NUMBEROUS BROOK TROUT PONDS.  A network of well-marked trails throughout the wilderness leads anglers to these waters, which promise a remote experience for brookies.  Opportunities exist for wild, stocked, and holdover trout.  These trout are accessible to anglers who are willing to do some hiking and to carry in a canoe or inflatable raft.  Among the brook-trout-holding ponds are Cat Mountain, Clear (Hedgehog), Cowhorn, Darning Needle, Fishpole, Glasby, Nicks, Olmstead, Simmons, and Spectacle.  Anglers will find lean-tos and designated camping areas throughout the Five Ponds Wilderness Area.  A free DEC brochure, “Trails in the Cranberry Lake Region,” provides details on pond locations, trails, hiking distances, and camping opportunities.

Grass Pond offers a unique experience in the Five Ponds Wilderness Area because the pond is accessible via water.  Anglers can reach Grass Pond by canoeing the Bog River and Lows Lake.  The 122-acre pond has native brook trout, and CATCHING A WILD BROOK TROUT IS THE ESSENCE OF AN ADIRONDACK WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE. Grass Pond has five designated campsites on its shoreline.   A free DEC brochure, “Bog River Flow,” provides more detailed information about Grass Pond and surrounding waters.

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