Blake Falls

Blake Falls has a large, lake-like look as it covers over 700 acres and extends for nearly four miles.  THIS RESERVOIR HAS MINIMAL SHORELINE DEVELOPMENT, BUT THE MCNEIL CAMPGROUND MAKES BLAKE A POPULAR DESTINATION FOR FAMILY CAMPING, SWIMMING, PICNICKING, BOATING, AND WATER SKIING.  Despite this activity, anglers can always find quiet places to fish.  While walleyes are the most targeted species here, smallmouths, yellow perch, and northern pike also receive significant attention.  Prime walleye locations include the waters below the Raquetter River Inlet, the bay off the north shore of McNeil Campground, the old river channel east of McNeil, and the deep-water section between Whispering Pines Point and Joe Indian Outlet.  Look for smallmouths on points, along gravel shorelines, in boulder-strewn areas, along shoreline dropoffs, in necked-down areas, and wherever there is a current flow.  Yellow perch exist throughout the reservoir, but look for larger perch along weeds in the open area at Blake’s southern end or the points and bays east of the campground.  Good bets for finding northern pike are the weed edges and shorelines of the bays in the northern half of the reservoir.  Anglers commonly see loons and bald eagles at Blake where quality public access is available at two launch sites.

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